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Happy Easter!
This weekend, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the renewal of life that is promised us in the Bible. How I wish that each of you could be with us at worship on Easter morning!
        But please know that you are present with us in spirit and in our prayers, and that we need your prayers in this time of transition at First United Church of Christ.
        As the interim pastor, it is my task to help the congregation think about who they are and what God is calling us to do in this place and time, and prepare for a new pastor to come and minister among you. I hope to have a chance to visit in the next few weeks and hear from you about the church and its mission, and to share some prayer and conversation. If you would like me to come visit sooner, please call at 407-271-3452 and let me know. Please also let your family and caregivers know that if you go to the hospital, I will gladly come visit you there.
        Easter is the celebration of hope over the troubles of this world. I will pray for you that no matter what challenges you face in this season that you will know the love of Jesus and power of the Holy Spirit. Your church family is with you in prayer, even when we cannot be with you in person, and God is working even when we can't see it happening.
        May God bless you with joy in this season, as we are all being led by God into a glorious future.
        Easter blessings in Christ,
        Rev. Leigh McCaffrey        Interim Pastor